You are on an island. There are some buttons. Good luck.

Beware: there may or may not be loud noises in the game.


<W>, <A>, <S>, <D> to move.

<Space> to jump.

<LMB> or <E> to use.

<ESC> or <P> to open/close menu.


Font "Montserrat" by Julieta Ulanovsky, Sol Matas, Juan Pablo del Peral, Jacques Le Bailly

Song "Charcoal" by Chad Crouch

Button press sound by GreekIrish

Wind sound by wertstahl

Supersonic effect by Robinhood76

Boat sound by devy32

Tree sound by Kinoton

UI click sound by Breviceps


Windows 32 MB
Version 1.1.0 Sep 20, 2020
Linux 33 MB
Version 1.1.0 Sep 20, 2020
Mac OS X 32 MB
Version 1.1.0 Sep 20, 2020
Windows (Jam Version) 32 MB
Version 1.0.0 Sep 14, 2020

Install instructions

Extract the ZIP archive and run the game.

Development log


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can u give hints to the 4th and 5th endings?

They are mostly based on luck. You can take a look at the source code to get an idea what those endings are. ;-)


Very much so captured the theme...I didn't have a clue what was going on :') The aesthetic of the game is great and made we want to play more. I tried to find more endings but only managed the 2 (I suck i know) nevertheless, still super enjoyable :D Game play starts at 13:07 if interested :)


Thanks so much for playing and for including my game in your video! 2 endings is great, those are the major ones that I wanted players to find. ;-)


Nice atmospheric game, I spent a while trying to find the endings and failed miserably

Good thing you published the source code so I could cheat 😂 I did actually have a suspicion about one of the secret endings when you said they were joke endings, but I didn't want to waste my time trying


Ha ha, yes, I probably shouldn’t have added those endings but I really wanted to! :-D And it’s cool that the source code came in handy to you!


Well this was for the unexpected jam, and one of those endings would certainly be unexpected!


I liked it very much! Could use some dialogues! Rly good!

Thanks! I’ll consider adding dialogues and some story in my future games!


the sensitivty makes me want to die

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You can configure sensitivity in settings!

I just released an update, the default sensitivity should be better now.

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Hi Theor :P

I love the atmosphere of the game! It had that spark create some curiosity within the player. The visuals and audio complemented each other very well to create that immersive atmosphere. I also just love minimalist games :P   They're all quite pleasing to the eye!

I wanted to get all the endings when I saw that the ending I got was ending 1. So I played it multiple times, looking for hidden buttons and spamming left click on everything, but only got ending 1 and 2. Perhaps a few subtle nudges towards the endings that are a bit difficult to get would be helpful to players like me :P

Overall it looks fantastic! I just wish that moving platform was a bit less buggy :P


Thanks so much for playing and for the kind words! Curiosity is exactly what I was aiming for!

I didn’t mean for players to find all the endings, that’s why I even made a couple of them practically impossible. The 2 you got are the major ones that I wanted to be found.

Oh well, now I’m definitely fixing that platform! :-D