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Cool little game, actually it was more satisfying to just look at the system, spinning. I thought about making a version with customizable number of planets, random events like comets and meteorites that slowly pass by to make looking at this more satisfying.

Thanks so much for playing! You are right, this sim was more intended as a calming session rather than an actual game.

Cool idea about comets, I might add it to Align Q More! Did you play it by the way? It’s an extended version of Align Q created without the character limitation. You can switch between 4 and 3 planets in it!

And you are free to add your own stuff, since all my games are open source!


Actually, I didn't) Yeah, it's opensource and it's cool that there're so few lines of code.


I did it!

Solid game w/ great UI (and a win condition!). A win condition was the one thing I wish I was able to add to my submission.


Awesome! I’m so glad you liked it! I was tempted to remove UI many times to reduce that precious character count, but it just makes the game look much nicer and polished.

And your game doesn’t really need a win condition. Matching those colors is fun by itself. While my win condition is so easy that the game is meant to be replayed multiple times. To emphasize that, I invested a significant amount of characters to add the reset button, even though the reset option is already available in the TIC-80 menu.

So why not win the game again a couple more times if you didn’t get bored yet? :-)


This is a really nice concept! It's also pretty cool that you made this in only a few lines of code. That's pretty legit. 

Because of the limitations of the jam, outside of the it, there are a lot of things you can do that can further expand on this concept because it's a great idea.

Also, I got away with having only 0 revolutions ;) *Puts on shades*

WOW! Is that even legal?! :-O

I actually like the game as it is, just a casual spinner where you have to get the timing right. But maybe I could expand it in some way, by adding more planets for example. I’ll see about that. Thanks!